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About us

Children's Music Playhouse is a community music organisation.

*We run music groups for children from birth to school age five days per week.

*We run key stage one groups for children four to eight.

*We offer individual tuition in piano, guitar, and a variety of other instruments.

*We regularly organise and participate in festivals and community events.

*Our programme is dynamic and changing, responding to the needs of the whole of the community of Brighton and Hove.

Unlike other early years music organisations, we believe that music is the most universal of languages, and that it is a potent medium for bringing people together across every kind of barrier. We welcome people new to Brighton and new to the UK. We celebrate in our events the rich diversity of our community. Music is fun.

Children's Music Playhouse is not affiliated with any religious or political group. Music and related activities are extremely good for children's development from the start of life, and we want to reach out as far as possible right across the community. We encourage parents and carers who wish to, to bring relatives and friends to the groups. We also love to hear from musicians and performers from all cultures who are interested in participating.


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